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The season of weddings is in full swing and as couples across the country repeat their vows and celebrate new beginnings, Social Security has some reminders once the celebration has concluded.

Kevin Rice with Social Security says brides need to check in with social security for their name change. He explains your name change needs to be registered with Social Security for their records, but most importantly, for yours.

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Rice explains there are a couple avenues that can be taken to register a name change. The application can be accessed on their website, socialsecurity.gov, or you can stop in. He adds you'll need to present a form of legal identification and a copy of the marriage license.

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When providing a copy of the marriage license, Rice indicates it has to be the original. Social Security cannot accept a scanned copy of it.

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Rice adds, any time there is a name change of any kind, they need proof of that name change along with the identification.

For all things Social Security and more information on the name change process, visit their website at www.socialsecurity.gov.

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