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 width=With his final days as the leader of Clinton Schools numbered, Superintendent Dr. Jeff Holmes is reflecting as he nears retirement.

The long time school leader says things haven't always been easy. He says early on when he arrived, tough decisions had to be made. He says they've been able to handle everything the state of Illinois has handed them.

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One area of his tenure Dr. Holmes reflects on positively is the new buildings that have gone up under his watch. The Superintendent feels they have done good work with a new junior high school and elementary school, all the while, keeping the property tax rate the same.

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The Clinton Community Educational Foundation, CCEF, is one other area Dr. Holmes feels is a positive for the district. He notes that was accomplishment that has benefited the district a great deal.

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Dr. Holmes also feels the staff he is leaving behind is excellent. He feels they care about the students they are teaching and work hard every day to make sure they are learning and are becoming better students no matter their background or what they bring to the table.

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Dr. Holmes feels the leadership in the district is also being left in good hands. He explains when he put in his retirement, he realized he needed to make several hires, and other than one, he feels they made all the right decisions.

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In his post-retirement days, the Superintendent says he is leaving all his options open. He looks forward to the fact he can choose what he wants to do. He looks forward to spending time with his family as well.

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