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 width=The Clinton Exelon Nuclear Power Station lawyers and lawyers representing the Clinton School District have been at odds over the value of the power station for several years now.

According to lawyers that represent the school district, a hearing at the Property Tax Appeal Board level is near. According to lawyers Scott Ginsburg and Ken Florey, who represent the district, and presented an update of the appeals process to the Clinton Board of Education June 16, there are three arguments Exelon has and they believe they are false or flawed.

Florey indicates Exelon argues their license expiring in 2026 will cost them money, however, the district argues, nuclear energy is the most efficient way to produce energy, and wonders why they would shut that down.

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According to Ginsburg, Exelon is the world's third leading producer of nuclear energy. He says there is an evaluation benefit Exelon has left out of their arguments for devaluation, and that is only Exelon can make money off the plant, which devalues it.

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Florey explains Exelon also argues they will have to pay for their own shutdown. He calls that argument ridiculous because part of the public's taxes go towards shutting down the plant should that time come.

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One final piece of evidence the lawyers hope to use in their favor is sales of similar properties in the United States. According to Ginsburg, between 2006-2010, the average of the last five power plants in the US, it matches their assessment of the Clinton Exelon Nuclear Power Plant.

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The lawyers believe Exelon will indeed have their license renewed, in fact, they point out Exelon has already submitted an application to do so. They do note if that application was not filed, their stock prices would fall but believe that is in their favor also.

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