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The leader of the Clinton Area Ministerial Association, CAMA, says he is not surprised by the ruling of the Supreme Court last week to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states.

Pastor Scott Marsh heads CAMA and believes the Supreme Court's decision aligns with where the country has been going for many years. While he's disappointed in the decision, he was not surprised.

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Pastor Marsh believes the dialogue in the coming future is going to get very intense. For the Christian community, he reminds everyone there is a difference between standing up for what they believe is right, but also loving people and showing them grace.

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The Pastor points out while the societal definition of marriage no longer aligns with what the Bible says, Pastor Marsh points out the Bible is very helpful in setting an example of what the attitude of Christians and churches should be like.

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Pastor Marsh encourages the Christian community to not overreact to the situation. He says reacting with violence and hatred go against what Christians stand for.

The Pastor points out, he does not speak for individual pastors or congregations or denominations. He says each may have their own points of view as it relates to the latest ruling by the Supreme Court.

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