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Local lawmakers say they are disappointed in the passing of the July 1st deadline and no budget being in place.

State Representative Bill Mitchell says House Speaker Mike Madigan doesn't want to work with Republicans to pass a budget and so a lot of people are going to suffer because of that.

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Lawmakers are kicking around the idea of temporary, one month budget and Rep. Mitchell says that is not something he is in favor of. The Representative says the State needs a responsible budget, one that doesn't endanger those that depend on state services.

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Rep. Mitchell calls a one month budget "kicking the can down the road".

State Senator Chapin Rose believes the lack of a budget falls on the shoulders of Madigan. The Senator points out in the 30-plus years of his tenure, there have been numerous budget deadlines that have not been met.

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The Senator does not believe Gov. Rauner is being unreasonable in fact, he points out, the Speaker hasn't even allowed any of Rauner's bills to be called for a vote.

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Sen. Rose believes the State of Illinois is going to be caught up in the battle between Madigan and Rauner and adds "something is going to have to cause Mike Madigan to come down off his high horse and play with others in the sand box".

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