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 width=Because of the popularity of one sport within Clinton High School, the Board of Education has approved the request of its athletic director to bring on an additional coach.

Athletic Director Barry Gurvey explains volleyball within Clinton High School has seen great numbers join the program in the last several years, especially as it relates to underclassman. According to Gurvey, he anticipates that trend continuing.

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Gurvey compares volleyball to girls basketball and Gurvey points out, it is actually harder to find schools that can field a freshman girls basketball team than it is volleyball.

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To continue to justify hiring a freshman volleyball coach, Gurvey wants to see 30 players in the program from freshman to varsity. He says the benefits of having a freshman coach would allow the players more instructional time and there wouldn't be any cuts.

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The school board approved the hiring of a third coach to join the staff at the high school.

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