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Paramedic Services of Illinois' move to the former Black's Heating and Cooling property outside Clinton is being praised by the DeWitt County Board Chair.

The County Board approved in June, the lease agreement with PSI for them to occupy the second of the property acquired by the County formerly known as the Black's property. Board Chair David Newberg says that property is going to generate roughly $50-thousand in three years.

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Before the Board approved the Animal Control facility for the south building, the Animal Control facility was going to occupy the north building. Newberg explains when PSI expressed interest in the north building and the animal shelter architect got involved, it was decided Animal Control would take the south building.

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According to Newberg, the idea of that property being a revenue generator wasn't anything he had thought of. He points to the revenue PSI will bring in, plus selling the current Animal Control facility to the City of Clinton, Newberg says they could have 60% of the property paid for in three years.

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There was some push back from other Board members over the lease to PSI. A few County Board members felt because PSI was a taxing entity in the County, it wasn't right to have their revenue come back to the County. They also felt the Board should have sought a request for proposal for the property rather than outright rewarding it to PSI.

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