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The leader of one local agency who is dependent on state funding is blasting the legislature over the budget stalemate in Springfield.

Lynn Scoville is the Executive Director of the DeWitt County Human Resource Center. She says Illinois is in a budget crisis and feels it should be treated as such in Springfield. She calls what the General Assembly leaders and the Governor are doing a bunch of games.

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Scoville says it is the intention of her and the staff at HRC to find any means necessary to keep the doors open but she says they have to be realistic about what they can do. She explains when the 80% of their revenue comes from the State and they aren't paying anything, it is going to make things difficult.

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Scoville says the impacts of no budget would be deep to the community. She points out HRC is the only provider of certain services to Clinton and DeWitt County.

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Scoville says grants that they get are limited. She also adds there is very little information about what programs are being funded. She says it is
'infuriating' to not have any information and try to put together a budget.

She thanks the DeWitt County Mental Health Board and indicates they have been a big help in providing assistance to keep their services intact.

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