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 width=With more seasonable weather expected in the coming days, law enforcement officials are warning residents of people going door to door in hopes of landing a scam.

Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers indicates this is the time of year where the "pavers scam" becomes very prominent. The Chief explains people posing as contractors will go door to door and offer services, perform partial or incomplete work and then charge more a lot more.

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The Chief points out many times these people are targeting the elderly generation. Chief Lowers encourages neighbors of the elderly to keep an eye on their home during the summer months and specifically for suspicious visitors.

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In Clinton, there is an ordinance in place that requires companies to have a solicitors permit to go door to door to solicit sales. This allows law enforcement to do background checks on those seeking to go door to door and give residents more security.

If someone is going door to door, they should have their company identification visible, their permit in plain view and presented to residents and are required to have a permit.

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