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 width=The Clinton Exelon Nuclear Power Station recently made a $1000 contribution to the AM-Vets of Clinton.

Brett Nauman is communications Director with Exelon, he calls the AM-Vets a great partner in the community and feels the things they do make the contribution more than worthy.

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Darrel Tucker with the Clinton AM Vets Post 14 says the support from Exelon is terrific and notes, often, their support reaches beyond what they contribute annually.

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The AM-Vets are reliant on community support and the support of those within the organization to function and thrive. According to Tucker, the funds they receive go to anything from donation for the Danville Veterans Hospital to flags for the various holidays.

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The AM-Vets new building is approximately 600 square feet and Tucker says it will support their needs very well. He says the grant they are receiving is to establish them a facility they can call their own.

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