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 width=In an effort to better the organization, the DeWitt County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is narrowing their focus within the group.

According to Norman Emery, with Habitat in DeWitt County, the organization has decided to focus on three areas they feel are most vital. He explains they are focused on building up their board to rebuild the organization.

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Habitat had started a 5K run as a fundraiser in recent years, and Emery says that was one of the things that was on their chopping block. He hopes to see it return next year if they are able to meet their goals this year.

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Emery feels the refocus has been very positive for the group but points out they still need to find board members. He hopes to find people that want to dedicate themselves to a group like Habitat for Humanity.

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To learn more about the DeWitt County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, search them on Facebook, habitatdewitt (one word) or email them at hfh.dewitt.county@gmail.com.

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