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The Rauner administration got a legal victory late last week when an appeals court ruled the comptroller's office can continue to pay state workers even without a budget, but Gov. Bruce Rauner won't say whether that might take some of the pressure off getting a deal done.

But he says he can’t support the 'sham' one-month budget lawmakers approved last week. Rauner notes it's Madigan's turn to give a little.

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Gov. Bruce Rauner says state lawmakers on the other side of the state budget stalemate should spend less time listening to House Speaker Mike Madigan and more time listening to their constituents.

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A recent report said Rauner gave about $400,000 dollars to Republican legislators in May. Rauner said he's backing the GOP lawmakers, but not for any particular issue. He said Madigan, on the other hand, has been using campaign gifts to exert power over Democratic lawmakers for the 35 years since he became House Speaker.

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