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 width=Curt Nettles began his tenure as the Superintendent of Clinton Schools earlier this month, and the school's leader says he is eager to get himself integrated into the system.

Nettles takes over for the retired Dr. Jeff Holmes and comes to the district from Lexington where he was the Superintendent there for eight years. He explains his career started in southern Illinois but his central Illinois roots drew him back home.

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Nettles comes to Clinton at a time when the financial future of the district is at a point of uncertainty. He says compared to other districts, Clinton is in a competitive situation and conservative budgeting has allowed the district to balance their budget in recent years despite projected deficits.

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Approximately half of the district's budget is comprised of tax dollars comes from Exelon and it's property taxes. According to Nettles, the possible closure of the plant is of concern and says they going to put together a contingency plan for a possible closure.

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While finances seem to be the most concerning and addressed area of education in Illinois, Nettles doesn't necessarily see that as the biggest challenge facing them. He explains it is not necessarily a Clinton-specific problem, but a lot of districts face more challenges in the classrooms.

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Nettles says Clinton provided him with a lot of what he was looking for professionally, including up to date facilities for modern day learning. He also feels the district has a very good and caring Board of Education in place and feels the staff of each building is very strong as well.

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