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The state is operating without a true spending plan but much of what is being taken in as tax revenue is going out in the form of state payments.

Senate President John Cullerton says that when you look at cash flow right now, the state is still spending more than it’s projected to take in with or without a formal budget plan.

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On Wednesday Senate President John Cullerton indicated 60 percent of the state budget is already being spent for fiscal year 2016. In total that’s $23.5 billion, that figure includes state worker salaries, transfers to local government and pension obligations. Part of that figure wasn’t Medicaid payments to hospitals. Until today when Federal Judge Joan Lefkow ordered the state to reimburse Cook County hospitals for Medicaid payments during budget impasse. That adds even more money going out of the door.

There is no word yet if the Judge’s decision will impact Medicaid payments to hospitals outside of Cook County.

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