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 width=Those who frequent Allerton Park may have noticed in recent weeks, the estate's mansion undergoing some minor renovations.

According to Matt Smith, with Allerton in Monticello, the mansion is receiving some minor roof work that addresses it's age. While the need has been there, Smith notes, the funding hasn't.

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Smith explains the repairs to the roof of the mansion at Allerton Park are the beginning phases of a master play they've recently adopted. He explains it outlines goals for the 30 years.

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Among other aspects of the master plan, Smith explains they hope to see areas of the inside of the mansion renovated to provide more space and opportunities for their guests.

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Smith explains there is often the perception, because the park is associated with the University of Illinois, they receive funding from the University, so that keeps them afloat, but in reality, they rely very little on the University, therefore, much of the funding has to come from their own efforts.

Smith says, that is going to be one of the big steps they focus on in the near-future as a part of the master plan.

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