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The Clinton Police Department will be welcoming a new member to the force and at the same time doing some shuffling within the department.

According to Police Chief Ben Lowers, the Department will welcome aboard a new K-9 unit in the next month. He explains they had to decommission their last dog because of health problems, and now they are bringing on a new dog they hope will serve the community in more ways than one.

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In addition to getting a new K-9 unit, the department has done some other reshuffling. The Chief indicates he will become the new DARE officer in the schools and they have appointed a new resource officer for the district as well.

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For Chief Lowers, having a resource officer assigned to the district is more than just checking in with them, he explains he was Officer Jason Yost to be interactive with the students and also hopes to have him take over some of the programs they've started there as well.

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Elsewhere in the department, Chief Lowers indicates they will have a new juvenile investigator. He says that will fully staff their investigations department. The Chief also says this temporarily ends the promotions and shuffling in his office.

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