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For over a year, the Dr. John Warner Hospital has been a revolving door for leaders at the City owned hospital, but now, their may finally be some stability.

The CEO position has seen it's share of leaders come through the doors of the facility and according to Aaron Kammeyer, the Hospital Board President, things may be changing by not changing at all. He explains they are taking the steps to make Paul Skowron the Hospital's CEO on a two-year contract.

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According to Kammeyer, a survey of hospital employees showed they wanted stability in the leadership position, and favored a CEO. He feels Skowron will be a great fit for the hospital and to take them into the future.

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Skowron comes to the DJWH with experience in Clinton but Kammeyer says it is his experience elsewhere can be beneficial to the city owned facility.

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Because the contract has to be approved by the Clinton City Council, Kammeyer anticipates everything being finalized by the middle of August.

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