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Projects at the Clinton Lake Marina, with a deadline of the end of the year for completion, took a major step forward last week.

The Board received, and accepted bids for work at the Marina that is being brought up to code within the American Disabilities Act, or ADA. DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg indicates the accepted bids are significant because this will be the final phase of the work needing to be done as outline by the Illinois Attorney General's office.

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Despite record rainfall this summer, Newberg does not believe it has greatly hindered the progress of what is necessary to be done at the Marina. He feels the contractors have been dedicated to getting their work done in a timely manner.

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According to Newberg, the progress of the Marina, along with the relocation of the Animal Control Facility, and even the paramedic services of the County moving, is the fruits of a lot of labor of former County Board Member Dan Ballenger. He notes though, the overall process is the dedication of a lot of people.

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Newberg anticipates the Animal Control group to be able to move into their newly renovated facility sometime this fall, and PSI to take over their building shortly there after.

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