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 width=Going into year two as Principal of Clinton High School, Jerry Wayne is making some minor alterations to the school.

He explains going into last year, he was only a half year in as the school's leader and felt at the time making changes wasn't something he was comfortable with. With an entire year under his belt now, the Principal says he is ready to make some minor changes this year.

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With that in mind, Wayne indicates he has plans to switch around the 'class halls'. He explains he will be placing freshman close to the guidance deparment and offices for further support if they need it in that first year at the high school.

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The senior class will now occupy the sports entrance hallway at Clinton High School, and part of the reason for that change is due to the addition of new lockers. Wayne indicates that not only will be a benefit for them, but it will spruce up one of the busiest, most occupied areas of the school during non-school hours.

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Wayne says the there's a little bit of a snag with the new lockers. He says the lockers have yet to arrive, and with school just a few weeks away, that is making him a little nervous, though he has been assured, the current lockers can be taken out and new lockers put in in just two days time.

He adds, for that reason, high school students still do not have a locker assigned to them yet.

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