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 width=The annual Apple and Pork Festival is beginning to rack up the costs for the City of Clinton.

The past several years, the City has had to pay for the costs of clean up and garbage haul away at the annual festival along Center Street and onto the square. According to City Administrator Tim Followell (right), that cost is beginning to add up.

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With the 2015 Apple and Pork Festival less than two months away, Followell says it is too late to make a change on the vendors for this year, but he says the staff at City Hall is considering a change for next year, giving everyone plenty of notice.

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According to Followell, the City would like to propose changes in their very outdated ordinance to shift the cost away from the City and the taxpayers, and put it on some of the vendors.

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Followell indicates they hopo to have an ordinance adopted at the next meeting this month. He also says the costs are going to have to be determined by the number of vendors that are at the festival because the costs each year are usually the same.

Also at the Monday night Clinton City Council meeting...

>>The Council put on file a contract for Dr. John Warner Hospital interim CEO, Paul Skowron.

>>The Council also put on file a DJWH buget amendment.

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