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Students, parents or potential volunteers interested in learning more about the DeWitt County 4-H program can attend a crash course this coming weekend for answers to all their questions.

University of Illinois Extension Youth Educator Sherry Fulton indicates this Saturday, a volunteer within the group is hosting an eventful night for anyone to get information on the upcoming year in 4-H. The conclusion of the DeWitt County 4-H fair all but marks the end of the 4-H year for many within the program.

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New this year will be a later start to the 4-H. Fulton indicates instead of starting the first of September, their year doesn't start until October. She says this will give perspective members more of a chance to consider 4-H.

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Fulton is encouraged an alumni of 4-H is heading the event this weekend. She says the future of the program is going to hinge on younger volunteers stepping up to help the program.

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Again this Friday's event to learn more about 4-H is this Saturday from 5 pm to 7 pm at the DeWitt County 4-H Fairgrounds.

For further information, contact the University of Illinois Extension Office at 935-5764.

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