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You don't have to look far to see what the State's budget stalemate is doing to the local community.

The DeWitt County Human Resource Center recently had to make drastic cuts to their programming, and even more drastic changes could be on the way if a budget deal isn't reached soon. Fighting back tears Wednesday, Executive Director Lynn Scoville calls the situation "pathetic".

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According to Scoville, the only revenue streams they have access to are small internal sources of revenue and taxes. She says those just aren't enough to make up what they need, and they have already been to the DeWitt County 708 Mental Health Board for an advance on those funds.

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Scoville calls what is happening in Springfield "criminal" and says the people they provide help and care for are being marginalized and used as pawns. She says it is infuriating what is happening.

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Right now, HRC is hanging by a thread. Scoville indicates they have just a few months before they have to take drastic measures and while they have a plan in place, things do not look good.

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The cuts are not only impacting the care on hundreds of individuals, but they're also impacting the livelihood of some of those people. Scoville indicates they have had to cut programs that provide them with jobs, and by cutting those programs, many of them no longer have an income they once relied.

She says informing these people of what is going on is the hardest part of the whole situation.

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