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If a budget isn't passed soon, a large number of DeWitt County residents that rely on services the State funds may be in serious trouble.

Yesterday on Regional Radio, we outlined what the budget stalemate has done for the DeWitt County Human Resource and their Executive Director Lynn Scoville says the hardest part of this whole situation is having to tell their clients the help they depend on is not going to be there for a while.

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Scoville says the whole situation is painful because the clients they have don't have a strong voice and compared to other groups across the state, the ability to lobby for them just doesn't compare.

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Scoville questions what the priorities of the state are. She feels the state is holding their clients and those with special needs across the state hostage while lawmakers try to get what they want.

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HRC has already made major cuts to their programming because of the lack of a state budget and Scoville notes if a budget isn't passed soon, they are looking at more drastic changes.

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