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Children displaced from their homes with their biological parents are often times in need of stability through the adoption process.

The Illinois Adoption Center of Illinois is at the heart of that process and says there are a lot of things the public perceives that sometimes just is not accurate when it comes to adopting. Executive Director Heather Feltman indicates their agency makes sure the public knows about the children available for adoption, but they also recruit families to foster those children as well.

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Feltman indicates most kids end up in the foster care system because of abuse or neglect and not because they committed a crime. She also points out, single parents can always adopt, there is no restriction on their ability to adopt.

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With approximately 12-thousand kids in the foster care system, Feltman says there's always a need for foster homes and adoptive homes as well. To learn more about about fostering or adopting kids, contact the Adoption Information Center of Illinois by calling 800-572-2390 or visit www.adoptinfo-illinois.org.

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