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 width=If you've made your way through the rural parts of central Illinois in recent weeks, you may have noticed major excavation going on in some areas.

That's because the long-planned Enbridge Oil Pipeline construction is finally underway. According to Jennifer Smith with the project, the pipeline is going to start in northern Illinois and make it's way down and through central Illinois.

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Smith indicates they are currently clearing space to prepare parts of central Illinois for the pipeline. She says depending on where you are, you will probably notice major excavation going on in places.

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The pipes for the line will start to show up in areas as they prepare to piece it together. According to Smith, once it is pieced together, they will do a test of the line and it will be ready for use.

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While the pipeline pieces themselves might be visible, Smith says most of the major installation likely won't be. She says the pipeline is going to put underground.

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In addition to the new pipeline, new pump stations are being constructed at the Flanagan Terminal and near Decatur. The total capital investment in the Project is more than $800 million. Approximately one thousand workers will be involved in construction of the 300,000 barrel-per-day pipeline.

The construction will bring hundreds of temporary workers to communities along the pipeline route. That means economic benefits to these communities and more traffic, more people, and heavy equipment in the area.

Crews ask drivers to use caution when near construction sites. The public is urged to watch for flaggers and caution signs and to be prepared for slow traffic.

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