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 width=The vulnerability of children is the focus of a seminar in September hosted by the Child Protection Network (CPN.

Judy Brucker is the CPN Executive Director. She explains their seminar is going to focus on child abductions and the effects of child exploitation. Brucker indicates they are going to be bringing in speakers who have decades of experience with these two issues.

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Unfortunately, Brucker indicates it is not uncommon for child abuse in their three County area to take on several different forms. She views this as an opportunity for the community to be engaged in the conversation.

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For Brucker, these topics are not easy in any way to talk about or face but she says in recent years, people are becoming more aware of the sad realities of what happens to kids in today's society. She feels while it has gotten better, the conversation needs to continue.

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The event is September 25 at the Marriott Hotel in Uptown Normal. For reservations or questions, contact the Child Protection Network At 309-888-5656.

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