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 width=The Dr. John Warner Hospital has found their permanent leader for the foreseeable future.

Monday night the Clinton City Council approved the contract for Paul Skowron (Standing right), who has served as the City owned facility's interim CEO for about eight months. Skowron says their first priority is to rebrand. He want to shift from being known as a "rural health center" to a family practice and appeal to all generations.

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Skowron says his focus is also on expanding their programs which in turn will increase their volume and revenue. He is discussing a partnership with the University of Illinois School of Medicine in Springfield.

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Skowron also emphasizes being a good steward of the resources they have. He points to projects at the building that can be done at low cost so as to be more responsible with tax payers money.

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Skowron notes, while Medicaid has been very unstable the last decade, he feels the hospital can be profitable despite that. He hopes to attract patients5 with other insurances and that is done through program development.

He is going to seek employee development and wants to see less turn around.

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