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With youngsters heading back to school this week, area law enforcement officials have some things for everyone to keep in mind as kids make their way back for the upcoming school year.

Clinton Police Officer Mike Bennett says much of the focus this year is going to be on motorists near the school buildings. He explains the Clinton Police Department is going to be amping up their enforcement and security near the buildings in 2015-16.

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With the start of school, areas near buildings across Illinois will see heavy traffic in the morning and mid-afternoon hours. Officer Bennett stresses showing patience and allowing more time if you know you are going to be near those areas.

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For student safety purposes, Officer Bennett stresses making sure both students and parents or guardians know where they will be picked up at. He says it is very important the students know who is to get them from school, but it is important the schools know as well.

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Additionally, Officer Bennett encourages the youth taking to the streets and sidewalks to get to school to be alert. While motorists should be watching out for school children, that isn't the case.

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With school here, Officer Bennett will be instrumental in a lot of areas of the Clinton School District.

This week on Regional Radio News, hear about a few programs he has started at the various grade levels and get to know more about his role in the day to day safety and security at all the Clinton school buildings.

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