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 width=Clinton's Byron Conner (right) will take the General Manager duties this week at Clinton's Eagle Theater.

Owner Eric Gubelman calls Conner a "fountain of ideas" and feels he will be a great fit for the Clinton movie theater going forward.

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One of the ideas both Conner and Gubelman are excited about is Conner's idea for a post-football game movie. Conner indicates they are titling each Friday of home Clinton football games "Fifth Quarter" and will show a select movie or two those nights.

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Conner also has visions of expanding their Monday Night Football events. According to Conner, they have shown Monday Night Football at the Eagle many times in the past but he is hoping to partner with a local restaurant to expand the weekly games.

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Gubelman indicates Conner will take on a lot of the day to day responsibilities in management at the Theater. He praises Conner's enthusiasm and the ideas he's already come up with.

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