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 width=As important as the game itself is, there's nothing quite like a hockey jersey. A team's logo and its colors are intertwined with the raw emotions, memories and general pride for many fans of the sport. That's what makes this jersey news rather big in the hockey world.

The NHL has struck a new long-term deal with apparel giant Adidas to produce the league's jerseys beginning in 2017-18 according to Rick Westhead of TSN.ca. Adidas will be assuming the role of the NHL's official jersey provider from Reebok, which has been making the league's jerseys since 2007.

Adidas, which bought Reebok in 2012 for a reported $3.8 billion, recently ended its relationship with the NBA as its jersey manufacturer. Presumably the NHL was cheaper and kept the brand in a major North American professional sports league.

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