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Since the first of the year, the DeWitt County Board has faced a major uphill battle to bring the Clinton Lake Marina in line with the American Disabilities Act.

Thursday night, the head of the Marina Committee, Terry Ferguson, indicated that work is entering the final phases. He says they held a pre-construction meeting for the restroom facility, and that will about wrap up all the projects at the Marina.

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Additionally Thursday night, DeWitt County Animal Control will be working with the Bellweather Group to do a cost study of fees for Animal Control. According to Board Chair David Newberg the study would provide the board with information to better bring County ordinances in line with communities in DeWitt County.

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Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Cris Rogers says the other part of the study will be analysis of fees for Animal Control and revenue.

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The County Board heard an update Thursday night about the odors permiating from H & M Trucking on Clinton's west side. Hear more about that in the coming days on Regional Radio News.

Also in the coming days, hear about the work being done at the Animal Shelter as the County prepares the East Annex site for their new home.

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