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Since public outcry began over smells permiating from H&M Trucking on Clinton's west side, the odors are being dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

That's the message from one DeWitt County Board member to the public. Cris Rogers updated the DeWitt County Board Thursday night on a brief investigation he did into the latest on the situation involving the Clinton trucking company. He says their actions have been effective.

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Rogers says owner Travis Hoffman has quote-"went to extreme measures to start correcting this problem" - end quote. He points out because the ponds are not deep, approximately six feet, the problem is more a seasonable problem.

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Rogers emphasizes they will continue to monitor the situation but says his meeting with the owners of H & M Trucking was very good.

DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg also applauds the cooperation between the owners of H & M Trucking, State's Attorney Dan Markwell and the concerned residents.

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