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With little to no movement on the budget impasse happening in Springfield, one political expert doesn't expect things to get any better, any time soon.

Kent Redfield is a political scientist with the University of Illinois at Springfield. He says the General Assembly continues to knock off "pressure points" such as education, but other issues like social services and higher education remain the big items left unfunded.

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In the last month, Redfield indicates there is little indication of any communicaiton between the legislative leaders. He says the only piece of legislation with legs currently is a property tax freeze bill.

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Redfield points out, former Gov. Jim Edgar and Speaker Mike Madigan were regularly communicating about the budget, something Gov. Rauner and Madigan currently are not.

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For Redfield, he says what comes of the House vote over the AFSCME negotiation's with the Governor, and whether to send that to an arbitrator could swing the balance of the budgeting process. He believes it will have either a positive or negative impact though.

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Redfield maintains fault lies on both sides of the bargaining table. He says the Governor is taking on too much too soon as it relates to his turnaround agenda, however, he believes Democrats need to realize change needs to take place in the Illinois business climate.

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