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In a brief presentation to the Clinton Board of Education Monday night, Superintendent Curt Nettles outlines his plans for updating the strategic plan for the Clinton School district.

Nettles outlined his goals of the strategic plan Monday night. Nettles calls for a focus on "21st century learning". He says that means preparing students for higher education, the workforce or workforce development institutions.

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As the strategic plan evolves, Nettles says it is important to keep in mind the 21st century student is always changing. He believes it is possible to blend new ideas with old techniques.

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Nettles points to the recently adopted 'Vision 2020' as a model for what part of the strategic plan would look like. He believes the Board of Education needs to customize a plan for their individual needs as a school board.

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Being new to the district, Nettles offered a word of caution to himself but also to the Board. He explains he does not want to rush into the creation of a strategic plan without getting to know the district faculty more and also getting to know the community more.

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Among other topics the strategic plan would address are finances and teacher development. Nettles says the district cannot afford to wait around for the state to shift their funding formula, whether it be good or bad for Clinton Schools. He also wants to be proactive in dealing with the potential funding losses from the Clinton Nuclear Power Station.

Additionally, Nettles hopes to involve administration, teachers and the community in what the future of the strategic plan looks like.

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