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 width=>>Ohio State Accused of Stealing Pittburgh Defense

Throughout the history of football, on both the professional and collegiate level, teams have stolen ideas from other teams. Typically if a team does something to you that works, you want to figure out what they did, and do it yourself.

It's nothing new, and according to new Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi, it helped Ohio State win a national title last season.

During an appearance on a radio show in Lansing, Michigan, Narduzzi talked about Ohio State adopting Michigan State's defensive scheme.

“Ohio State's facing the same problem (against offenses), because they stole our defense, too,” said Narduzzi. “There's a lot of teams throughout the country. You go watch them, they're exactly us, whether they admit it or not.

“They're exactly us, and they weren't before. They won a national championship with the defense.”

Which makes perfect sense, because Michigan State's defense under Narduzzi and Mark Dantonio has been one of the best defenses in the country the last few years. And it is also a good scheme for slowing down the run-pass option plays that are becoming so popular across the country.

 width=>>Pair of Indiana Basketball Stars Cited For Underage Alcohol Possession

Two Indiana men's basketball players were cited last Friday, shortly after midnight, by local police after both players -- Emmitt Holt and Thomas Bryant -- were caught in posession of alcohol.

Holt is 19, Bryant is 18.

Indiana confirmed the news late Monday afternoon.

Holt's involvement is his second alcohol-related incident since he's been at Indiana. Last fall, Holt was driving a car after having imbibed and subseqeuntly hit/injured teammate Devin Davis. Davis suffered injuries to his head that prevented him from playing last season. Holt reportedly had a blood-alcohol level of .025 at the time of the incident.

Davis is no longer with the team. He was suspended in May after he was busted for marijuana possession. He opted to transfer from Indiana to Odessa College (Texas) in early June.

Bryant is a five-star incoming freshman, an 18-year-old who picked IU over Syracuse, Kentucky and Missouri. The 6-foot-10 power forward is seen as a key addition to helping Indiana chase a Big Ten title this season.

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