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 width=>>Bears Ratliff Suspended 3 Games For Substance Abuse

The NFL has suspended defensive lineman Jeremiah Ratliff of the Chicago Bears without pay for the first three games of the season for violating its substance-abuse policy.

The league announced the decision Monday without providing details. Ratliff will miss games against the Packers, Cardinals and Seahawks before he is eligible to return to the active roster on Monday, Sept. 28.

Ratliff is eligible to participate in all preseason practices and games, including Saturday's game at Cincinnati.

>>Lions Safety Says God Meant For Packers' WR Nelson To Get Hurt

After Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson went down with a serious knee injury during a preseason game with the Steelers on Sunday, one of the first topics of conversation was: Should the NFL shorten its preseason?

 width=Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman both agree that the preseason should be shortened. However, not everyone's on the same page as those two.

According to Lions safety Glover Quin, the length of the preseason doesn't matter because the injuries are going to happen no matter what. Quin believes that players like Nelson are predestined by God to be injured.

"I hated Jordy got hurt, but in my beliefs, and the way I believe, it was -- God meant for Jordy to get hurt," Quin told MLive.com.

Quin basically believes that Nelson would've still gotten hurt even if he sat out the entire preseason because the injury was "meant" to happen.

"If he wouldn't have got hurt [on Sunday], if he wouldn't have played in that game, if he wouldn't have practiced anymore, and the next time he walked on the field would have been opening day, I feel like he would have got hurt opening day," Quin said.

God has been a hot topic this offseason.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said God spoke to him in the NFC title game -- and then there's Arian Foster, who probably has a hard time believing Wilson (or Quin). The Texans running back publicly announced in August that he doesn't believe in God.

As for Nelson's injury, Glover actually sees a silver lining for the Packers: Since Nelson was injured in mid-August, Green Bay's offense will have a few weeks before the regular season starts to figure out how its offense will operate without him.

>>Peyton Manning Reveals He Can't Feel Anything in His Fingertips

Back in 2011, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had three surgeries on his neck. Since then, Manning told The MMQB, “I can't feel anything in my fingertips. It's crazy. I've talked to a doctor recently who said, Don't count on the feeling coming back.

“It was hard for me for about two years, because one doctor told me I could wake up any morning and it might come back. So you wake up every day thinking, Today's the day! Then it's not.”

The only time Manning hasn't looked like the same quarterback in Denver was down the stretch last season. Manning blames that dip in performance on a bug he picked up before the team's December matchup with the Chargers, which he says caused the quad issue that gave him problems throughout the rest of the regular season and playoffs.

Manning says he feels much better entering this season, but Broncos GM John Elway indicated the team will likely put him on a Tony Romo-esque rest plan that involves not practicing on Wednesdays this year. “I think that's the plan right now,” Elway said. “I think he'd feel better right now if he takes Wednesday off. His health is not a concern. His freshness is a concern.”

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