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A yearly audit done on the finances of the Dr. John Warner Hospital have revealed excellent news.

That according to DJWH Board President Aaron Kammeyer. He explains the yearly audit is done on the hospital through a Southern Illinois accounting firm and it is basically done because of their status as being owned by the City of Clinton.

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According to Kammeyer, the report is indicating they are receiving payments quicker which is resulting in improvement in their cash reserves.

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The cash reserve balance increase is in large part due to cost management that has taken place in the past year. Kammeyer feels that is not a good way to manage long term, so leadership within the city-owned facility is in the midst of finding ways to increase revenues.

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There are several ways the hospital is doing that. Kammeyer says one point of emphasis recently has been a rebranding effort taken up by CEO Paul Skowron. Additionally, the hospital is working on a partnership with the University of Illinois School of Medicine in Springfield.

Later this week, we'll bring you more details on those efforts on Regional Radio News.

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