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>>Steelers Sign Mike Vick

Earlier Tuesday, free-agent quarterback Michael Vick traipsed his way to Pittsburgh in order to work out for the Steelers. It went so well, he's not a free agent anymore.

The team announced the signing of Vick on Tuesday while simultaneously putting Bruce Gradkowski on injured reserve.

From a football standpoint, it's a pretty strong move.

Ben Roethlisberger is a sneaky MVP candidate and has played 16 games each of the past two seasons. Under Todd Haley, he has been a healthy quarterback.

Before that, though, Roethlisberger consistently missed time. And those missed games are why the Steelers were willing to gamble on Vick, who has had issues in his past off the field.

Of bigger concern for the Steelers is Vick's unwillingness to prepare last year when the Jets faced off against the Chargers. (Geno Smith was yanked as starter and Vick looked lost when he went in.)

Bottom line is, even at the age of 35, Vick is the type of guy who can win football games for the Steelers if something happens to Roethlisberger.

In a perfect world, Vick barely sees the field.

>>Cowboys Rookie DE: I'm Never Satisfied With My Play

Randy Gregory is off to a roaring start this preseason, recording two sacks in two games and causing a number of penalties as a result of his pass rush.

Gregory, who probably would've been a top-10 pick this past spring had it not been for a failed drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine, is making an immediate impact for the Cowboys and, if he keeps it up, should play a large role in pushing the Cowboys back to the postseason.

Yet, according to Gregory, despite his stellar preseason, he's not all too happy with his performance thus far. Apparently, Gregory isn't "satisfied" with his play.

"I thought I've done a good job of that so far, but I'm never satisfied with my play," Gregory said, according to 247 Sports. "I'll look back on film and see some things I've got to work on. That's the main thing about getting better as a player -- going back on film and breaking down your game, breaking down what the left tackle did, what the guard did, things like that and getting better from there."

That comment should be music to the ears of Cowboys fans, especially considering the Cowboys are going to need their defense to improve in 2015. Last year, Dallas finished No. 19 in the league in yards allowed and No. 15 in points allowed. While those numbers don't jump out in an awful way, there's an argument to be made that the defense severely outplayed its talent level due to a ball-controlling offense and its ability to force turnovers at will (Dallas finished second in the league in takeaways).

Luckily for Gregory, the Cowboys defensive coordinator is defensive line genius Rod Marinelli. He should be able to hone and shape Gregory into an every-down threat.

Furthermore, the Cowboys defensive line will also feature Greg Hardy once his four-game suspension is served. The duo could turn the defensive line in Dallas into a havoc-inducing machine.

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