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 width=A long time event in DeWitt County that went away for a few years returns this weekend.

Steve Lobb and a cast of community members have worked the last several months to bring back the Tour DeWitt bike ride. Lobb indicates this weekend's ride is going to benefit the Children's Advocacy Center.

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There will be four different routes that tour DeWitt County. Lobb says they have routes that cater to bikers or any level. He feels they have picked out some very scenic spots as well.

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To make everything fall into place, Lobb indicates he has many people and groups behind him helping along the way. He credits his wife, Dana, with doing a lot of behind the scenes work. Additionally, former organizer of the event, Sissy Leggett, has been willing to pass along her knowledge.

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Maps of the ride are available at the Tour DeWitt Facebook page. Lobb indicates the routes will also be marked the day of the event.

Again the event this Saturday. Registrations begin at 6 am and the rides will go until 2 pm. For further information check out the Tour DeWitt Facebook page for all the details.

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