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 width=A lot has happened at the Dr. John Warner Hospital in the past year.

Just a few weeks ago, CEO Paul Skowron was approved as the hospital's long term leader and according to DJWH Board President Aaron Kammeyer, Skowron is jumping right in with some of the ideas he has for the facility. Kammeyer notes, those ideas start with a rebranding of their former Rural Health Clinic.

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Kammeyer explains managing expenses has been a great thing for the hospital but he notes, they need to find a way to expand their revenues. One way they will be able to do that immediately is adding a surgeon to the staff.

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One of the excited aspects of the future of the hospital is a possible partnership with the University of Illinois School of Medicine in Springfield. According to Kammeyer it wouldn't be a partnership but rather the school would play the role of consulting with the hospital.

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Kammeyer stresses the work with the School of Medicine would not be an affiliation. He says that is something they wanted to avoid and even points out the school is trying to promote their services to rural communities about what they can provide to them.

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