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The Redskins announced that Robert Griffin III has been cleared to play against the Ravens on Saturday. The quarterback suffered a concussion during the team's 21-17 preseason win over the Lions on Aug. 20.

 width=Actually, it's still not clear whether or not Griffin suffered a concussion. During his only media session of the week, which was held on Thursday, Griffin said "I don't know" when asked if he suffered a concussion against the Lions.

"You've got to talk to the people who report that stuff," Griffin said. "I don't report that stuff. I was in the locker room, taking a shower, getting ready to watch the rest of the game, so I don't know."

Basically, the Redskins say Griffin suffered a concussion, but RG3 wouldn't confirm that.

"I have no idea," Griffin said. "I just know I was in some pain, and the trainers came out, and that was it."

Griffin then insinuated that he could've stayed in the game.

"That's the coach's decision," Griffin said on why he was pulled from the game. "As we like to say, 'I just work here, man.'"

Whether Griffin suffered a concussion or not is irrelevant now since he's been cleared to play against the Ravens.

Being cleared could end up being a bad thing though, because apparently, his offensive linemen don't like him.

After Griffin's press conference on Thursday, ESPN's Jason Reid tweeted that RG3 isn't well-liked among the O-line.

If the Lions game was any indication, Reid's probably right. RG3 was hit or sacked on three of his first five dropbacks against the Lions and was hit a total of six times in the game.

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