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With a fresh year ahead for area schools, one district is excited about the technology they are introducing to their students and staff.

The Blue Ridge School District is in year two of a technology initiative that seeks to have the Google Chromebooks at the desk of each student in the district. Susan Wilson is the District's Superintendent and says they are excited about this continued expansion of technology in the district.

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Wilson indicates the Google Chromebooks are allowing quicker interactions with the students and teachers. She feels it is been a real positive in their classrooms.

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The laptops have not just been thrown into the classrooms hoping they'd be successful. According to Wilson, the exact opposite has happened. She explains their staff has taken courses on the best ways to use the Chromebooks in the classroom and how students can best learn using them.

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In year two, Wilson says they are focused on professional development in advance of having each student with a device. She notes the Chromebooks are going to have a big impact on the future of their curriculum as it evolves.

Wilson also touts cost savings with the Chromebooks. She explains the State of Illinois several years ago cut off funding for updating textbooks, and with technology, there are resources available to allow updates in resources in the classroom that would eliminate, in some cases, the use of textbooks.

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