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The future of the curb-side pick up in Clinton is under question have several years of abuse by Clinton residents.

According to Clinton City Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements, Nan Crang, City staffers are in search of changes to the program. She indicates it is taking the Street's Department too long to pick up all the brush.

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Public Works Director Steve Lobb indicates any change is going to take City Council involvement. He calls what some residents have done "out of hand". He says what the program has become is not what it was orginally intended for.

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Lobb explains his crews just do not have the time to spend 25 to 30-percent of his man hours on brush pickup across the community when there are more pressing needs.

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Lobb encourages residents with trucks or vehicles that can are suitable for carrying yard waste to take them out to the City's yard waste facility on Cain Street. The facility is open twice a week during weekdays and then 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm on Saturdays.

He notes that is a free of charge facility for any kind of yard waste.

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