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 width=Ten days after he and teammate Thomas Bryant were cited by local police for possession of alcohol, Indiana has released sophomore forward Emmitt Holt.

It's a second strike against Holt under the Tom Crean regime, and now he's out.

Previously, Holt got into trouble when the car he was driving struck former teammate Devin Davis in the fall of 2014. Holt was not found at fault for the incident by the police, but he was suspended for two regular season games to start his Indiana career. Both men were found to have been drinking alcohol prior to that incident. Davis suffered significant brain trauma and did not play last season.

For Bryant, a five-star player in the high school class of 2015, this is his first encounter with Crean's discipline.

Holt averaged 3.6 points and 3.0 rebounds per game for the Hoosiers last season.

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