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State Comptroller Leslie Munger Wednesday said Illinois government is beginning to drown in red ink as the cost of the continuing Springfield budget war steadily worsens the already bad condition of state finances.

Munger went on to say that without legislative action to adopt a balanced budget, the state's backlog of unpaid bills will hit $8.5 billion in December, not counting an additional $4 billion in spending for state universities, lottery winners and other purposes that has been indefinitely deferred. State Representative Bill Mitchell calls it insanity the state of Illinois does still not have a budget.

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The Representative says each side needs to sit down and compromise. Rep. Mitchell says neither party is going to get everything what they want.

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Most of the state's money is being spent through court orders, which Munger says continues at unsustainable rates. There's also less revenue with a rolled back temporary income tax increase.

While the number fluctuates monthly depending on revenues, Munger's office says it could worsen as the state figures out all the money that needs to be allocated through a budget.

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