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This weekend may be Apple and Pork Weekend in Clinton, but one local entity is also doing an event in conjunction with the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers indicates the DEA's Take Back Initiative has fallen on Apple and Pork Weekend, so in addition to having extra patrols across the community, they will also be at the station for a special collection of unused prescription drugs.

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After several years of drug collections in Clinton, Chief Lowers indicates the amount of drugs they properly dispose of does not decrease. He feels that is not a bad thing either.

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Among narcotics abuse, Chief Lowers believes the abuse of prescription drugs is perhaps the most widely abused. He says it is likely because of the accessibility to it.

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Officers will be outside the Clinton Police Department this Saturday and Sunday as a part of the Take Back Initiative however, this weekend is not the only time to bring those in.

Chief Lowers indicates they have a 24-hour drop box available inside the Clinton Police Department. Residents are encouraged to utilize that.

Additionally, the DeWitt County Sheriff's Department has started a home pickup service for prescription drugs. That is available for county residents who are elderly or unable to get out.

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