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The hunting season is in full swing, however, the warm weather recently has slowed the traditional heavy hunting season, however, one official anticipates this weekend, things picking back up.

Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police Officer John Williamson reminds hunters to check their tree stands. He explains every year they deal with at least one accident because of tree stands that are not safe.

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Tree stands are often stolen when they are not attended to. Williamson indicates once a tree stand is stolen, it is very rare they are recovered.

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Williamson says the biggest complaint they receive in the hunting season is night hunting. He adds they deal with hunters taking more animals than their permits allow and hunting on private property.

He encourages hunters to make sure they have the permission of landowners before they hunt on any private property.

Williamson says the cooler temperatures of the first weekend of November should bring out hunters in greater numbers than the first few weeks.

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