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A DeWitt County school district is entering into a period of looking ahead three to five years and setting new goals for themselves.

The Blue Ridge School district recently started the process of looking at their strategic plan and are underway in the process to update it. According to Superintendent Susan Wilson, they were able to achieve a lot of the goals they set in their previous strategic plan.

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As the next strategic plan is being developed, Wilson indicates they are always evaluating their curriculum, and it will continue to be a part of their planning but she says they need address students being in class. She explains they are looking for positive reinforcements in that regard.

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The facilities was a major focal point of the last strategic plan and Wilson indicates while there will not be major projects in that regard, they do hope to address some minor areas like security.

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Among the other goals on the strategic plan, Wilson hopes to better communicate with the parents of the district and hope to have their faculty provide more feedback to the parents of their students.

Last week, the community was invited out to provide input into the strategic planning process and Wilson was very pleased with the turnout.

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