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 width=A focused effort by leaders within the Dr. John Warner Hospital recently shifted their focus to the former-Rural Health Center.

Picture right: Skowron outside the newly renamed Dr. John Warner Hospital Family Medicine Facility

CEO of the DJWH, Paul Skowron, indicates they have renamed the faciltiy "Family Medicine". He explains this brings them more in line with not only their demographic of patient, but also their geography.

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The Family Medicine facility is just the latest change. According to Skowron, the interior of the hospital has undergone some changes to make it more inviting, and even more changes are on the way.

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Skowron says he's extremely excited about the changes that have been made and what is to come. He calls it "setting the stage" for things to come.

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Skowron explains they had hoped the Family Medicine center would be expanding their hours already, however, because of insurances and certifications, they have had the processed delayed. He indicates they have the staffing in place for the expansion of hours, they are just waiting on all the paperwork to be approved.

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