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 width=Through all grade levels at Clinton Schools this week, students have been preparing for Veterans Day in Clinton.

Grade school students have been learning about the basics of Veterans day all the way to preparing to honor those who have served. Students at the junior and senior high level in Clinton are taking those lessons a little further. Drew Goebel is the Principal of Clinton Junior High School and indicates his students are putting pen to paper this week and reflecting on freedom.

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For Jerry Wayne, Principal of Clinton High School, they seek to do different things each year for Veterans Day. He explains they will have a presentation from Veterans about their past experiences and hoping to hit home with their students.

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Veterans are invited to Clinton Elementary School this morning at 8:30 for a special salute and ceremony to those who have served and then are invited in to the Elementary school for breakfast.

They are also invited to Clinton Jr. High School for their program at noon today.

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